Navigating The Chaos

Navigating the Chaos Others Bring

Over the past couple of weeks, it seems controversy reigns everywhere I look. Destructive personal politics are at the forefront of far too many conversations. I’m fed up with people taking a difference of opinion and turning it into a divisive argument. I am by no means a relationship expert, but I thought I’d provide a few tips on navigating the chaos that threatens your peace.

It Is Okay To Disagree

Yes, even on the most important arguments, it is okay to disagree. We each have beliefs and opinions on any number of topics. None of them should stand in the way of cordial conversation. Certainly, none of them should lead to violence. In almost every case, winning the argument does nothing to forward either party’s cause. It only marks the turning point in an ongoing spat.

It Is Okay To Walk Away

When confronted with someone who refuses to have a civil discussion, walk away. If they are not using their ears to hear what you are saying, why are you wasting your breath? Give them time to cool off. Give yourself a chance to consider if this is a discussion worth navigating. Understand that walking away may result in severed ties. It happens. If they refuse to listen to your side, what good is it to maintain the relationship anyway?

It Is Okay To Not Participate

You disagree. Maybe you’ve even walked away from a conversation. Yet, there they are, confronting you with their point of view. If, outside of this topic, things are good, just refuse to participate. Let them know you have no interest in the discussion. If they persist, let them. Hold your tongue. If you must say something, say, “I’ll talk to you later.” Go to someone and vent if you need to, but don’t waste time on further damaging a relationship.

Somewhere along the way, society got the idea that we must always win the argument. If we are to successfully navigate this thing called life, we need to learn to relate to one another. That involves communication and understanding that we are not all the same. When the other person refuses to do recognize this, it is a conversation not worth having.

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