April Showers, May Flowers

British Paratroopers 28mm for April Showers

April showers, indeed! “I’m done with April” has been the mantra over the past few weeks. It has just been a rough patch of time for a lot of people I know and care about. I will not burden you with details, but I am certainly hoping that the showers of this past month lead to May flowers as promised by the old phrase.

I have had the pleasure of a couple of photoshoots despite all the April showers and I will, eventually start sharing more photography again. This is an invite to all of those models out there who claim they want to shoot with me. I’m here, I’m available. Please reach out!

For the miniature painting “frenzy”, I ended March with 200 painted miniatures. I set out in April to paint up a bunch of 28mm WWII British Airborne troops. It took some research to find a look I liked and appeared accurate. The models were already assembled and primed. Identifying which paint colors I wanted to use is always an important step with historical figurines. While I only finished nine models, I’m pleased with the result.

28mm British Paratroopers in progress on the paint table

I’ve got another 45-50 of this force to paint, all have some level of base coat applied already, so hopefully, May will be the month when I get them all finished and ready for the game table. For those curious, I’ll probably experiment with multiple rulesets, but Warlord’s Bolt Action has been the front-runner thus far. If you have rules you prefer and think I would like, throw a link in the comments. If it isn’t already on the list, I’ll check them out!

I hope your April showers have been kinder and I look forward to sharing May flowers next time. I feel like we all deserve a break at this point.

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