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I have had a Viewbug page for several years. In fact, I somehow managed to have two until I cancelled one. In that time, I uploaded a total of a half-dozen images and was decidedly underwhelmed. Another site where I can park some photos and maybe get some feedback. Ho hum…

About this time a year ago, I started exploring it again. I was searching for inspiration to keep pushing my photography. I uploaded a few more images and took a closer look at how Viewbug operated. With a different state of mind than the curiosity which introduced me all that time ago, it struck a firm chord.

Why Viewbug?

  1. Inspiration. There is a wide range of photographic talent on the site. I can find images that speak to me as well as images I wish would speak louder. In either case, it gives me a chance to examine a photo, searching for those morsels that get my imagination churning.
  2. Peer Review. Knowing that there are some very solid photographers active on the site, it makes me think carefully before I upload an image. Better yet, I find myself considering each shot I take with just a bit more focus. Too much of my imagery goes unseen. Here, it all gets seen and  is, to some extent, judged. This helps to push me to greater heights.
  3. Interaction. I have found that what keeps me going is interacting with other creatives. Other social media outlets fail me in this regard, having become more about politics, religion, and what’s for dinner than about art. I enjoy the relative “silence” of this online gallery.
  4. Contests and Challenges. Knowing I am a small voice in a loud, artistic community, these are primarily for my own motivation. Can I crack the top 20%? 10%? It is all in fun and I enjoy seeing the variety available via these events.

Are You On Viewbug?

If you are, share your link below so I (and others) can enjoy your work. If not, let me know and I can e-mail you an invite to join. You don’t really need my invite, but it gets me an additional entry into their contests. Even if you have no interest at all, it may be worth a swing by to check out the images to be found there.

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