Nerdage: Gaming, Painting, and Roleplaying

Nerdage: DGS Wandering Wizard

If you know anything about me, there is a good chance you are aware of some of my hobbies. The nerdage is real. I listen to the Glass Cannon Podcast and watch Critical Role. I play all sorts of tabletop wargames. Dungeons and Dragons is almost as old as I am and we’ve known each other for quite some time. I am marginally passable when it comes to painting. That’s my version of the DGS Games Wandering Wizard at the top. You might say that is my photographic wizardry at work.

Oh, yeah, I also tell dad jokes.

I used to play role-playing games (RPGs) like Dungeons and Dragons on a weekly basis. Miniature wargaming happened at a similar frequency. And then, life happened. These days, if I get to do any gaming at all once a month, I’m doing pretty well. Even then, I am usually limited to two hours at a time. Adults adulting makes it hard. Fortunately, I can still do the painting portion that goes with it all.

Creative Nerdage

Ultimately, whether it is wargaming, miniature painting, roleplaying, or photography, it is all about the creative nerdage. It was the gaming that actually pulled me into photography. What started out as simple RPGs turned into a desire to paint up miniatures to go with the game. That led to wargaming where the epic battles suggested a need for pictures to share. Somewhere along the way, I flirted with doing photography a bit more seriously.

Then I took a step well out of my comfort zone and started going to gaming conventions to participate in tournaments. While there, I would take photographs and found it rewarding. That encouraged me to step out again and push harder on the portrait front. As a result, the two “hobbies”, photography and miniature gaming, pushed me into bigger and better things.

Far more important than bigger and better things, I have met so many people I would otherwise have never met. Gamers, miniature painters, photographers, models, stylists, designers, and more.

This has been my long-winded way of saying to all of you: Thanks for letting me be a small part of your world. Thank you for sharing your nerdage with me.

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