Surprise Visitation of an Io Moth

Io moth

Looking out the window in the stairway, I notice something isn’t quite right. There is a lump on the brick that should not be there. Have mud daubers started a new nest? The location is a bit random for that. Time to find out. In seconds, I realize I should probably go grab my camera. Not being an entomologist or lepidopterist, I need help to identify Automeris Io, the Io moth.

A Bit About the Io Moth

While I know the general difference between a butterfly and moth, there are very few species of either I can identify. I don’t recall any prior encounters with this particular moth. While the colors are neutral, they were vibrant neutrals, blending in well with the brick. This is a female of the species. The hind wings were tucked in, so I could not see the tell-tale eyespots. Apparently, the Io moth is sometimes called the corn emperor moth or peacock moth. Also of note, leave the caterpillars alone as they apparently have a healthy sting.

The Joy of Random Encounters

It was pure chance that I noticed the Io moth resting on the house. I usually look out the window as I head upstairs, but it would have been easy to miss in nearly any other place along the wall. Whether it is a walk in the park or just a quick jaunt past a window, these sort of encounters are joyful moments for me. It is a visitation of nature, reminding me that there is so much more to life than the daily drudgery. Beauty is everywhere in nature.

The Subtle Reminder

My takeaway from this encounter? I need to stop talking about getting out and shooting more. There was a time when rising early with the sun was a habit. The mornings are usually more peaceful and, even if I fail to find a willing subject, the time is never wasted. It is time to get back in the habit.

Care to join me?

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