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Building Blocks

Just over two years ago, I was properly introduced to Twitch. My odd array of interests has since helped me find a wide array of friends who do everything from painting miniatures to playing video games. On occasion, I even pay Bob Ross a visit and pretend like I might take up oil painting.

There are some weird things happening on Twitch, but I’ve found a nice home there with some friendly faces. I am often working away with a Twitch streamer whispering in my ear. Occasionally, I’ll glance over and see what they are up to, but I am usually just listening. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. In some channels, there are certain expectations regarding how I participate with the streamer and their chat.

To Twitch or Not to Twitch

I have gone so far as to set up OBS for streaming a variety of streaming options. A couple of times, I have logged in and streamed for a bit just to get a feel for it. Twitch streaming is foreign territory for me, but something I often think of doing when my favorite streamers aren’t online. I could play some games, but I’m not that big of a computer gamer these days. Then again, maybe that would be the selling point: Watching a grown man fail miserably.

If I were to stream, it would be more of a “just talking” channel where maybe I play a game, paint miniatures, or edit photographs. The last is the most likely option. I have thought about streaming how I photograph miniatures which would likely be more entertaining than watching me slop paint on them. However, the biggest barrier to any of this is my internet connection. Streaming needs bandwidth and, on the best of days, the upload speeds are prone to dropping off rapidly.

My Favorite Streamers

For those of you who haven’t yet discovered Twitch, finding good streamers can be a challenge. But, once you find one streamer you enjoy, you can expect to be introduced to even more that you will enjoy. Miniature painting was an obvious first stop for me, but I often watch PC gamers, sculptors, and more. Every streamer I spend significant time watching was a direct result of being introduced to them by a streamer I had already found.

In case your interests might overlap mine, here is a short list of streamers that I routinely watch when they are online:

  • Miniature’s Den – Italian miniature painter extraordinaire. Expect some adult humor and deep philosophy
  • Jimmy the Brush – And, more importantly, Princess! A fun, miniature-painting couple that make me smile
  • Mr__Gibbins – A PC gamer with a proper perspective on life in general and a great laugh
  • Reaper Miniatures – Company based in Denton, Texas, largely responsible for me watching Twitch in the first place.

The only remaining question is whether or not you have any interest in seeing me stream whatever it is I might stream despite bandwidth issues. As of this writing, I have all of six followers. Show me you’re interested by heading to my channel and following. And, as always, you can leave a comment here, too.

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