White-Tailed Deer in New Mexico

New Mexico: White-Tailed Deer

As a young kid with limited travel under his belt, New Mexico truly was the Land of Enchantment. Carlsbad Caverns, in particular, captured my imagination. There was a time when I was very interested in becoming a spelunker. It was either that or an astronomer. It was over 20 years later before I made it back. When I did, I was reminded of the state’s beauty, not to mention the diverse wildlife. Visiting New Mexico has become a fairly regular adventure for me. Among the many things I enjoy about our visits is getting to see the white-tailed deer at play.

The white-tailed deer is no stranger to my Oklahoma home, not by far. I’ve had the distinct “pleasure” of getting up close and personal with more than my fair share over the years. Unfortunately, that usually entails insurance claims. I much prefer watching a young white-tailed deer prancing in the New Mexico fields. While staying at a wonderful ranch, I got to see just that. There is nothing quite as amazing as watching a young animal explore its limits.

  • New Mexico: White-Tailed Deer

I have always enjoyed wildlife and landscapes, but recent years have found me distracted from the Earth’s natural beauty. My interactions with nature have felt accidental of late. It is far past time to change that. In an effort to inspire myself, I am going back through over 15 years of images I have captured. I am identifying my favorites and working to create a catalog worth sharing with you.

From Alaska to Honduras, Yellowstone to Nova Scotia, I have captured thousands of images of places I would love to spend a life-time exploring. Alas, I must settle for experiencing them only on vacations. Then again, I am a photographer. I can always decorate my walls with my favorite memories, too.

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