What Happens At Sunrise?

Christian Sunrise

Sunrise is, by far, my favorite time to shoot. Give me a high school senior, a model, an interesting landscape, or even a feisty squirrel over sleeping in any day. The fact of the matter is that I don’t do much sleeping in and, when I do, it is still getting up early for most.

Why Sunrise?

The question for me is, “Why not?” Unlike the majority of people I know, waking up before sunrise is normal. Sleeping in means I make it past 7 a.m. before I stir out of bed. Routinely leaving my house by six makes for long mornings.

I like mornings. They are typically quiet, especially on the weekends. While everyone else is still tucked in bed, the roads are clear and parts of the city are like a ghost town. Waters (and, often, winds) are calm. The birds are singing and wildlife is active. If you’re lucky, you get low-lying fog which makes for dramatic visuals, too.

  • Christian Sunrise

How Sunrise Works

If you want your own sunrise experience in front of my camera, it starts by reaching out. Let me know you are willing to sacrifice a morning in for some creative fun. We will work out the details and meet at or near the location we agree upon. Being on site a few minutes before sunrise, we are subject to nature’s whims, but it is worth taking the chance. While sunset can also be amazing, sunrise offers even more variety.

An added bonus for the early-riser is that darkness does not signal the end of a session or a retreat indoors. Instead, we can continue the adventure as the rest of the world begins to wake.

The only “catch” to sunrise shoots is timing. You must be ready and on site to make the most of the opportunity. Whether you make it on time or not, I can assure you that I have and am waiting. We can still make some magic, but we have lost the moment. To assure me of your commitment, I will ask for a deposit on your session. Yes, I can enjoy the morning without you, but I pack differently for human subjects, so that is time and effort lost.

What do you say? Are you ready for a glorious sunrise?

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