Revisiting the Past: Image Redux

Image Redux

Over seven years ago, I met a young lady on location and we created some photographs together. I was still relatively new to working with models. Between my uncertainty and some new equipment, I was very much in a “hope this works” stage. It can be difficult to revisit images taken years ago, but it can also be rewarding. There is a battle between what could have been, what I did while editing, and what I would do today if I could. Today, I am revisiting the past.

Brittany at Sunset: 2011 editShooting on location with a model is always a fun adventure. I remember this day well. Brittany played the statuesque model while I did my socially awkward photographer routine. We made it work.

As we were leaving the last location, the sun was setting just right. If you’ve followed my work for long, you’ve likely seen another image that I took not long after the one here. The original image was created in June 2011. What you see here is the image straight out of camera. I was trying my best to get that warm glow of sunset, balancing the sun with a single speedlight. All in all, not terrible. In fact, I am rather fond of this particular image. That is why we are revisiting the past with it today.

Brittany at Sunset: 2018 edit

My self critique: The crop is awkward, cutting off her hands and leaving too much negative space above her head. I should have filled the frame with the model as the background is unimportant. The arms could be better positioned. Finally, I should have take the brief moment it would have taken to put the flash back on a stand instead of leaving it on-camera for this spur of the moment shot.

That brings us to an image redux. I changed up the crop and did minor edits. The major changes I felt were needed were caused by the on-camera flash and my poor composition. Cropping the image tighter and bringing down the highlights on her face make this a far better image in my opinion.

What do you think? Which version of the image do you prefer? I think you know my answer. In any case, I’m always ready to try and recreate this shot with a client!

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