Super Worm Moon

Super Worm Moon March 2019

Serendipity placed me at one of my favorite places for astrophotography. Unfortunately, the weather had decided to be a bit less cooperative. The days had been cloudy, foggy, and hazy. By the time we actually saw the Super Worm Moon rise above the rolling hills to the east, it was well above the horizon.

There are certainly better places, better times, for capturing the moon. I even joked that we needed to have the horizon twisted about 20 degrees south so that the super worm moon was rising immediately above the crest of the Capitan Mountains in the distance. Alas, while the timing was right, it everything else plotted against me.

Super Worm Moon March 2019

Circumstances like these are why I love photography. It is very rare that you find yourself in the right place at the right time. Having the appropriate camera and equipment on hand, too, multiplies the difficulty. But, as the saying goes, the best camera is the one you carry. Having that one thing right makes everything else a puzzle to be solved.

This time, I think the puzzle won. I stood on a balcony with a bit of wind to remind me of the cold. The haze and clouds worked against me.

To say the puzzle won isn’t quite right. It would be better to say that the puzzle presented was not the one I wished to put together. There was a different piece count. Odd, unexpected shapes are never my favorite. Trying to piece it together in unfavorable conditions didn’t help. The odds were stacked.

I am responsible for them being stacked for or against me.

Super Worm Moon March 2019

First and foremost, I work on my knowledge of astrophotography. I take advantage of tools I may not yet be using. Pay closer attention to the calendar, especially phases of the moon. Find those areas that are dark enough yet still within reach to make the most of an evening’s work. This is what makes photography a craft worth pursuing.

Super Worm Moon March 2019

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