Sundance Airport Visit

Sundance Airport

Not far from my humble abode, there is a magical place that provides endless fascination. Chunks of wood, metal, and other materials routinely defy gravity. The myriad combination of shapes and colors announce themselves with the doppler purr of engines passing overhead. Where are they going? Who are they carrying? Sundance Airport knows. And they routinely invite people to gather and share in the joy of aviation.

Oklahoma Holiday Fly-In at Sundance

This past weekend, people and aircraft gathered to great Santa Claus. It was a perfect opportunity for my son and I to go see a few planes and practice photography. While cold, it was worth the time spent. I got to share a few camera tips with my son in exchange for some insight into his experiences learning to fly. It seems as if he only started yesterday, but he is on a healthy track to earn the hours and knowledge he needs to get his pilot license.

Santa visits Sundance Airport

Pilots and Pancakes

Sundance Airport has the occasional pancake breakfast. This weekend, Santa’s visit was an extra attraction. Then my son was able to meet a pilot he follows on Instagram who also happens to do photography. All told, the morning was a well-rounded experience. The mix of our personal and overlapping interests was fun.

While I practiced with my new camera, my son learned the difficulty of photographing backlit aircraft. With the help of a borrowed lens, he created photos which gave him the same response I often have: “Did I shoot that?” Yes, you did. And even though you may look back on it in a few years as a subpar image, it will still be one of your favorites. Welcome to the club.

1946 Ercoupe on the Sundance Airport tarmac

From a wonderfully liveried ERCO Ercoup to a camouflaged Nanchang CJ-6 trainer, there was plenty of variety. One of my favorite things about living in Oklahoma is the wide range of aircraft the observant can see. Biplanes, historic warbirds, and modern military aircraft hide in skies teeming with airliners. At work, I see, hear, and feel the rotors of helicopters daily. Keep your eyes open. You’ll never know what you might see.

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