Simple Solace of Urban Wildlife

Simple Solace

A good plan set aside due to my lack of foresight, it was time to go with Plan B. A constant companion, Plan B is simple: Do anything that results in photographing something. While photography can get fairly technical, the art is relatively simple. The goal is to create something you (and hopefully others) find pleasing in some form or fashion. Fortunately, as someone who used to explore the woods near home as a child, it is easy to find simple solace in nature.

The Quiet Haven

After leaving my favorite location, my son and I took a short drive to another spot. Years earlier, I came to this spot when the waters were quite low. This time, I find it to be completely different environment. From this spot, I can see flocks of Canada geese and egrets in the distance, gathered in the shallows. The occasional heron flies overhead. A small group of mallards briefly takes the beach only feet away. Nearly everywhere I look, there are waterfowl to enjoy.

Simple Solace Indeed

Just there, where water streams into the lake, a great heron has staked out a spot. Treading carefully, I was concerned that I might spook it. Obviously, this was a familiar spot and it ignored my presence. The light isn’t perfect here, but the opportunity is great. My patience pays off as it succeeds in finding a bit of breakfast.

  • Simple Solace of Urban Wildlife

The Unexpected Visitor

Continuing to observe the egret, I lowered my camera for a moment. Always take a bit of time to just enjoy what is happening. Especially here, a lake in an urban area, spending time with the wildlife is not always this peaceful. Enjoy the solace nature offers. Drink it in. Relax.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, movement. I quietly call to my son as we watch as a beaver cruises across the shallow water. I have seen beavers before, but never this close. In the past, I also only ever saw their head breaking the surface. This time, we watch as the large creature crawls over an obstacle or two, disappearing in deeper waters.

Building New Habits

It was an interesting morning, well spent observing nature. Now, more than ever, I need to return to this routine. On my calendar are quiet sunrises on Saturday mornings. If you would like to join me sometime, reach out and say hello. Photographer, model, or just someone who enjoys such moments, it is always fun to share these moments.

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