Searching For Angles


Every week, a hundred new photographers appear on the scene. They present different angles, all striving to be the next big thing. At least, that is how they present themselves. Most will ultimately slam into a hard wall. A few will push through, but very few will realize the dream of being a successful, full-time photographer.

I am one of those photographers. I have slammed into that hard wall many times. If I were to share how often I’ve thought about hanging it up, you might be surprised. Then again, maybe not. Maybe you would be more surprised at how I manage to keep going.

Today, I start searching for new angles. My biggest barrier to photography success is time. With a full-time job, family responsibilities, and a myriad of smaller obstacles, it is hard to stay motivated. I am experiencing burn out at it’s finest. So, what should I do about it?

I’ve known me for my entire life. I should know better than wonder what I need right now. In my years as a photographer, I’ve never really taken a vacation from it. When I do go on an actual vacation, my camera is hard at work, documenting the entire thing instead of letting me enjoy it.

New, Temporary Angles

My next vacation is a trip to Chicago to enjoy ClickCon. I realized this weekend that this conference was starting to feel like a chore. As registration for classes approaches, I am having misgivings about going. I know from experience that an event like ClickCon is going to be fun, positive, and life-affirming. I need to get out of this funk and get ready to learn and enjoy my time there.

So, I’m going to take a vacation. This will be my last blog post until at least August 13th. No, I am not quitting photography. I am going to stop trying to fill bookings for now. If you want to shoot, I’ll be here, but I’m not going to be hunting you down. If I’m doing any photography-related work, it will be building for the future or working with existing clients. Otherwise, I’m going to bank a little time and build a little energy so that I can come back strong.

I’ll see you in August!

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