Rising to New Heights

Rising to New Heights

I wake up in a hotel room and, as I usually do, I take a peek at the new day. Dawn is always a surprise, for better or worse. On this particular day, the skies are mostly clear and the sun is quickly rising on an urban setting in New Mexico. Today, we travel to a new place. I am excited for the experience ahead. Then a movement catches my eyes. Hot air balloons pierce the skyline and begin to rise, always seeking new heights.

Fallen Skies

Several years have passed since that morning. I often wonder if I had been in a different place what the photos might have looked like. Instead, I have images captured through a hotel window. Still, they bring back memories and remind me that I can always be better tomorrow than I am today.

In the years since this journey, much has changed. More, it seems, than is normal. I have lost my footing multiple times. The scenery is constantly changing. I find myself in a creative world full of absence. But in the silence of fallen skies, I see a chance to build anew.

New Heights

Things were already slowing down for my photography business prior to the pandemic. The consistent jobs that kept business humming went away completely with the pandemic. Focus turned to my day job where things continue to be a little unsettled? Things are good, but my creative side continues to suffer. Time is short and subjects to collaborate are more difficult to find than ever. It is fair to say that my mellow has been harshed in this regard.

What does one do when they find themselves in a valley they don’t enjoy? You find a way out. Look for new heights to attain. I realize that, at times, I feel like I’m starting at ground zero all over again. Truth be told, my ground zero is leaps and bounds above where it could be. Time to push.

I realize there aren’t many people who read my humble blog. Fewer still care what I write at least half the time. If you are the exception and need a photographer for creative collaborations, now is the time. I’m beginning to lay some new foundations. I’m looking for the people who will build up with me.

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