Marie Brooks Makes Photography Easy

Marie Brooks

Once again, back to the marvelous studio shoot with Raven Lynette and Marie Brooks! This time, we focus on the amazing Marie Brooks. I am no stranger to working with professional models. The experience they bring to the studio makes an enormous difference. Almost any opportunity to create with models is a good one. Painting a general target and watching someone hit the nail on the head each and every frame? Brilliant!

  • Marie Brooks

I hope you’ve enjoyed these images of Marie Brooks. If you haven’t already, you should go check out the set of images created with Raven Lynette as well. Please make sure to go visit their websites and socials. Make sure to mention that QuestionMark Photo sent you!

While I figure out how to follow this session, I have a favor to ask. Since you’ve made it this far, leave a brief comment below even if just to say hello. Every bit helps in this SEO-driven world. If you know a model or two you think I should work with, share their link. If you are a model, aspiring or experienced, please feel free to reach out!

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