Let Them Eat Static

Skateboard Static - scuffs and scratches on a skate park ramp

Somewhere in my file archives, I have a “blog post” I wrote in the late ’90s. A few paragraphs about something happening at the time, posted to a page on my humble website before blogs were even a thing. Looking back, I was consistently posting new content that would, these days, definitely be considered “blogging” before the word even existed. It is no surprise that, in a pre-blog world, all I received in return was static.

With every post here, it is as if I am reaching out to Khan and I hearing Ricardo Montalban’s voice say, “Let them eat static.” If you don’t get the reference, you should check out one of the best Star Trek movies ever. But first, open a line of communication and let me hear from you.

Why I Bother To Write

At the very least, I know my keyboard hears what I have to say. This space gives me a place where, even if no one is listening, I know I can collect my thoughts (within reason). It helps me to think these through. Ideally, it would encourage communication but, in all this time, it is almost always little more than static. I get the occasional, surprising input from someone, but usually I feel I am just dumping words into the abyss.

This medium of communication can be so much more than an echo chamber. Perhaps you are out there? To borrow another quote from a different movie, can I get, “One ping only,” from you? Let me know you are there by leaving a comment. No words necessary. Just a comment of some sort that says you’re seeing this. No further obligation other than to reassure me that there is someone out there.

Why I Bothered To Write THIS Post

There have been a lot of changes lately, COVID not withstanding. I am finding myself in a re-prioritization mode. Used to flying under the radar, I think it has been turned off all together recently. When I reach out, even to specific people, I get nothing in return. It has me questioning why I bother in certain pursuits at all. On occasion, I get a random check-in that quickly fades and nothing comes of it.

I am eager to get to it, whatever “it” is. But first, I need to hear something other than static.

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