Four Years of Photography Friendship

The Breakwater

October 2014 was the first time Erica and I met for a photoshoot. We went to one of my favorite locations for one of my favorite sessions. In the past four years, we have shot together somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen times. We have produced several published sets, helped designers share their work, and generally had a lot of fun creating together. We’ve met at sunrise, sundown, and just about everywhere in between. Studios, burned out buildings, and breakwaters have been witness to our collaborations.

The two of us have been through a lot over the last four years. We no longer get to play model and photographer as often as we once did. More recently, our collaborations were brought together by the need to show off fashion designs. Life and schedules prevented us from doing much else. This summer, Erica and I found a hole in our calendars that cried out for a fun shoot. We spent a couple of hours back at that first, favorite location, and experimented with light and lenses for a time.

  • Erica in Black & White

I have written before about sunrise sessions. If you have read those posts, you know how much I enjoy the early morning hours. It tends to be quiet, less populated, and the skies can be absolutely stunning. It takes some effort to find models or clients willing to take the opportunity. Why not wait for sunset? Perhaps my favorite part of sunrise is that the sun doesn’t go down before you’re through. It is far easier to darken a bright day than it is to light up a dark night.

If you are interested in a session, at any time of day or night, it starts by contacting me. Let me know what you want to do that makes your images special and we’ll make it happen!

2 thoughts on “Four Years of Photography Friendship

  1. Mark Gunter is definitely one of my absolute favorite photographers! I had my first publication working with him, my first international publication, my first 6 page spread in a magazine, my first and second cover working with him! Mark has become a valued friend as well. I fully plan to rebuild the momentum of modeling over the coming year as well as have my daughter kick off her modeling. Trust and believe, Mark will be one of our top preferred photographers! His professionalism is top notch. His work is second to none in my opinion. His integrity is never in question. He gives great direction for new up and coming talent. I highly recommend working with Mark if given even one chance. Don’t rob yourself of such an amazing opportunity.

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