Projects New And Old


Inspiration comes in bursts. The follow-through often comes slowly. I have ideas swirling through my head that are as fresh as yesterday and others that are nearly as old as I am. The issue, as always, is that many of my projects require at least one other person. The ease of finding the right people varies significantly, but seems to get harder each day.

Projects Filed Away

A combination of lists in my head, on paper, and stored digitally outline a variety of projects I would like to see the light of day. With photography, I often need the right model, makeup artist, fashion designer, or location. If I can get one or two pieces of the puzzle together, things happen. The issue becomes one of matching timing, talent, and trajectory. All too often, key components are heading in different creative directions or simply do not have the time. The end result is a lot of creative projects that are shelved.

The Constant Queue

My mind can become a bit scrambled with all these ideas, spanning several interests beyond photography, spinning around. In the end, I find myself in two situations which can be difficult to resolve. First, there are people who come along and ask me what I want to create. They want details, at least a rough draft, before we’ve even really started talking. It is very much a situation where trust is involved. The problem is that there are too many people offering to be trusted without being willing to invest the time to build it.

To The Future

I am more than willing to match old projects with new people, but that seems to be a lost cause. People are too busy pursuing their own aims to realize we can work together and both come out ahead. In that vein, a recent bit of inspiration has me pursuing a new project that blends multiple interests. Will it get off the ground? I hope so. It will take a bit of work and a lot of time. But, if I can get started, it feels just like the kind of project I like the most. It isn’t about promoting myself. It is about helping others by being myself.

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