Connection With Intent


Everyone is looking for connection. Some seek people with similar interests and goals. Others look for people dealing with similar problems to both commiserate and encourage. Then there are those of us looking for a good taco. Regardless of the connection you’re after, pursue it with intent.

in·tent  (adjective)
1. resolved or determined to do
2. showing earnest and eager attention.

 What is Connection?

A connection is a relationship that links two things together. On the surface, it seems easy enough. If a photographer has a concept that requires a particular look, they just need to find a model who fits the look and is interested in shooting the same concept. Except it isn’t that simple. Both parties need to be able to communicate well with each other. Then there are calendars and other details to coordinate. It is often not so straight forward. When it is, great things can happen. Knowing that we want to connect with the intent to create, we can summarize this in a short checklist.

  • Mutual goal(s)
  • Complimentary skills and knowledge
  • A desire to work together
  • Communication

This is perhaps simplistic, but I think it captures the bulk of what is needed to take a connection between photographer and model to the desired end: Creative output. It isn’t too hard to find people with whom you can connect on the first two. The problem comes in the latter half of that list. It becomes increasingly frustrating when the third and fourth items butt heads. All too often, a desire to work together is expressed, but communication says otherwise. It can be dispiriting to say the least.

With Intent

This is where intent comes in. If everything meshes except for communication, the bottom line is that there is a lack of intent. Creativity is stifled when the involved parties aren’t talking. So, what do you do when it becomes clear that communication is failing? My suggestion is to turn your attention to finding someone who truly desires to work with you. Creating with a team is a relationship building exercise. Relationships without communication are not relationships at all. Life is too short to wait and see if they will commit. Move on, find another creative partner, and strive for your goal before that spark within dies.



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