2019: Rolling The Dice

2019: Rolling the Dice

My first photograph taken on the first day of 2019, specifically for this blog post written just moments before it goes live. What gives? This is just something I thought would be a cute start to the new year. Or is there something more here?

2019: Photography

This year, I am already booked for two photography conventions. I attended my first in 2011. By my count, I have been to six total in the past eight years. I suppose I’m playing catch up? The challenge for me, the roll of the dice if you will, is not just counting them. I need to make them count by leveraging what I learn. It is always a valuable experience, but will I let that experience make a difference?

2019: The Day Job

After 15 years in the same office, I picked up and took on a new role with the university. It definitely felt like a roll of the dice. In my new position, I get to build new professional relationships and friendships. As a bonus, my daily work often has me working with some of my favorite people in the old office. I’m only three months in, but this has been an overall positive change for me.

2019: Hobby Time

Between my career and my photography business, I still look for time to play. It is a struggle at times, but I hope to be rolling the dice with good friends as both a player and a GM for a few role-playing sessions. I was playing Dungeons and Dragons before it was being vilified and I plan to continue until someone dreams up a new way to vilify it.

The beauty of these three facets of my life is that they all seem to mesh so well. It is a truly rare day when I feel bored. On occasion, I feel uninspired, but photography, my career, and my hobbies, always seem to find a way to give me purpose.

Every New Year brings with it hope and uncertainty. There are enormous obstacles ahead, but let’s try to grab hope by the horns and charge right over, around, and through whatever uncertainty brings to bear. Better yet, let’s take on 2019 together!

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  1. Happy new year! I was so glad to pick up DnD again in 2018 with you and the group- looking forward to more in 2019!

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