Wings of the Inspiring Valkyrie

Julia's Wings

After my last post, I feel it is important to put things into a bit more perspective. One reason I am easily distracted from my mission is that photography is a wonderful part of my life. The act of manipulating light entering a box to create specific images is, of itself, marvelous. The ability to transform the ambience of a scene with a few settings is magic. Freezing the movement of a deer leaping over tall brush. Blurring the cascade of a waterfall. Capturing the night sky on a cold, crisp evening. All of these things and more provide me with the creative wings that keep me flying.

The Model As Valkyrie

Are you a fan of mythology? I’m guessing that, even if you aren’t, I’m betting you know that Valkyrie isn’t just the name of a Tom Cruise movie. The short version: A group of maidens who serve the Norse god Odin, choosing those slain on the field of battle worthy of a place in Valhalla. The Valkyrie ride horses through the sky to carry out their mission. Many an artist has offered up their rendition.

When I took the photo of Julia included here, my intent was just to create an interesting image. As often happens, however, I find inspiration. The old Brownie Hawkeye camera in the hands of a model is not a new theme with me. Capturing an image with a lens a few years older than me is certainly not unique. Grids added to flash to create shapes? Yes, I’ve done that, too. This time, these disparate approaches create something far more meaningful than my original, off-the-cuff idea.

The Models Are My Wings

In my constant battle to remind myself why I keep picking up the camera, it always comes down to a few themes. My brain needs to create. I can do this nearly anywhere at any time. Working with models, of any experience level, is where I truly get my wings. Behind the lens, I am a different person. I can certainly be better at what I do, but photography is one of the few places in my life where I routinely break the rules. Allowing myself to look at things differently, whole new worlds come into being in front of me.

I am working to be a better photographer with every session. Help a guy out. Book a shoot with me and let’s find out how far my wings can take me.

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