The Changing Landscape of My Photography

Changing Landscape

Photography is both a blessing and a struggle. I love the art and science of creating images. However, getting my work in front of the right people has never been easy. I am not the consummate salesman. To be honest, I don’t want to be. But I do need my photography to support itself. That is why I am looking at the changing landscape of my photography.

What Has Been

For over a decade, I have operated under two monikers. Mark Gunter Photography (MGP) is the home for traditional portrait services. It is where senior pics, product photography, and events happen. This is the part that has historically “paid the bills”.

On the other side is QuestionMark Photography (QMP). This is my playground. It is a “dba” (doing business as) for MGP which brings in a fraction of the income. It serves the important role of offering the creative satisfaction for which I long.

The Current Situation

Since 2020, the routine commercial gigs have disappeared. With a steady sense of uncertainty, I do not expect my usual clients back soon. Creative shoot opportunities have been limited, but I do manage to find like-minded creatives. One could easily argue that my photography business is dead in the water. Thoughts of dissolving it sound like the easy thing to do.

I Am Changing Landscape Because I Am Stubborn

I need photography. It will continue, but I need to pivot. This isn’t a new idea. It is one that keeps getting set aside. I get halfway to implementing it and, “Squirrel!” Rodents be damned. Now is the time!

Don’t panic! I’m not going to stop taking portraits, working events, product shots, or creating with models. I am simply going to lean on my love of photography to go a different route. With a busy, photography-related week ahead, I’ll ask that you stay tuned. More on this soon!

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