Thanksgiving Turkey Thoughts

Turkey for Thanksgiving

The word “turkey” has several connotations. This time of year, it usually reminds us of a particular type of bird that we enjoy eating. Some of you may recall the story (or myth) that Benjamin Franklin preferred it to the bald eagle for a national symbol. Of course, there is always the tradition of the White House pardon.

Turkey is also a slang word. It suggests that someone is naive, stupid, or inept. For theatrical productions, a turkey is a flop. Either way, this turkey is a loser, someone or something who continuously fails.

Let’s talk turkey for a moment. In this case, I mean “speaking frankly about business”. I spent several years capturing landscapes and wildlife. On occasion, I’d find a person to work with, but it was years before that was the norm. When I made that change, there were several local photographers who helped me along the way. Shortly after, I went to my first photography conference. I made a lot of connections and friends. I often fail to let them know how awesome they have been for me.

My point is that I often feel like a turkey. I am rarely happy with the quality of my own work. Even proving myself with credentials, publications, and accolades from clients, it is never enough. It can be a rough road. I have learned to turn  perceived failures into actionable goals. I still fail more often than not, but certain landmarks help me gauge my progress. There are certain people who help me stay focused. For that, I am forever thankful.

I used to love bowling. I still have my own ball. When the chance arises, I give it my best. Given time to practice, I am confident that I can still find bowl a turkey on occasion. The same goes with my photography and life in general. Thank you to everyone who provides moral support as I continue my creative journey. I couldn’t do it without you.

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