Rule of Change: Everything Eventually


Eventually, I will get back in to a proper rhythm. For now, I am simply too busy to be bothered by certain things that change. What am I busy with? Other changes. And they keep coming one after another.

Everything All At Once (But Not Everywhere)

I find it an odd existence right now. It feels like everything is changing at once, but I can point to areas that are quite static. I am doing a lot of the same stuff I have always done. That much is familiar. But there are a lot of lateral moves, hesitations, accelerations, and other changes that make it hard to focus. At the same time, I am happily clinging to a few things that seem quite normal. But those are changing as well, albeit in small degrees.

Eventually It All Changes

Day to day, things actually seem to be rather consistent. The same routines today as yesterday. They will be repeated tomorrow, as well. But today I am lazier about certain things. Tomorrow, those things will get my full attention. Then comes the weekend with its own set of routines, the same as the previous weekend. But, different this time in small ways, too.

Just Another Day

Perhaps this is just my brain rambling. If I don’t put up guardrails, it will wander like this until it finds a rabbit hole to explore. Still, the roaming thoughts capture how I feel right now, at this moment. I am living the same life I was years ago, but it is different. I am doing the same thing today that I did yesterday, but it is different. The world around me is quite fluid from personal experiences to world events.

And yet, while I recognize everything eventually changes, it still feels like it all remains the same.

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