Reggie: King of the Domestic House Cats

Reggie the Cat

It was about two months ago that we brought Reggie home. We had decided that our cat, Luna, needed a friend for the many hours of the day when we were out of the house. Adopting an older cat was an option, but there was concern about how she would react to another adult. Reggie was just a few weeks old and would likely make for an easier adjustment.

He is a bundle of energy and was, for a little bit, all legs. Every day, he looks more and more like an adult cat. He is doing a great job of reminding Luna what it means to be young. They spend the day napping, storing up energy for the late evening romps that threaten to keep their humans awake at night. They are happy cats.

I have shared images of Luna before. A couple of years ago, she was feature on one side of our family Christmas card. More than once, she has managed to sneak into photo shoots. More than one model has requested just such a cameo.

Reggie still has a lot to learn and Luna is doing a great job of teaching him. This is how we open cabinet doors. Chasing string and galloping from one end of the house to the other is a great way to exercise. The plush possum on the top of the scratching post must be pulled down at every opportunity.

A smarter photographer would have spent the last few weeks doing as much video as possible. There should be an astounding, inspiring training montage. Instead, I offer these pet portraits I took with a little help from my son who played studio assistant and string wrangler.

  • Reggie the Cat

Pet photography isn’t something I focus on but I have done some informal shots in the past. If it is something you would like to have done, I welcome your inquiry.

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