Really Not In The Mood

Sunrise Over The Pond - In The Mood

As I set out to write this morning, I find that I am really not in the mood. The past couple of weeks have been a bit rough. Don’t get me wrong, everything is good, but “good” does not necessarily mean there is no turbulence. Truth be told, that is usually the way of things.

Now, what should we talk about?

The Day Job

After years of false starts, false promises, and failed initiatives, I finally find myself in a position to make positive change. It is clear that I am valued by those I work directly with and that is what matters. Each day is an adventure with new challenges, but they can often be difficult. All too often, the unusual and unexpected is happening. Fortunately, I do not stand on the front lines of most events, but I am often one of the first stops people make when seeking solutions. This causes the introvert in me a great deal of stress.

All of that said, I can say that, in all honesty, I have not been this happy with my career in several years. I have purpose. Not everyone understands my role, but we’re working on it. The projects I am currently working on will be well recieved.

Home Life

All is well. If it is ever perfect, that means someone has forgotten to close the refrigerator door or plunge the toilet. Given past experience, I have trouble imagining how this gets better short of reaching retirement. The fact that I can pursue my hobbies in a leisurely manner is comforting. Knowing that my son is well on his way to being a better man than me is awesome. My wife has my back. And my heart.


If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know this has been a struggle. COVID has shut me down. In two years, I’ve had very few sessions and even fewer paid gigs. The drive to continue pursuing a business that I can continue in the aforementioned retirement has waned. The passion to create is definitely still there, but finding creative minds willing to work with me feels like too much work. I have been cussed out by random people who have reached out to me for a session more times than I care to share. Is it just a weird string of events or has the local “industry” fallen so low? I don’t know and, right now, I’m not in the mood to consider it further.

So, there it is. I’m not in the mood to say much else. Maybe there will be another post on Thursday this week. Maybe their won’t. For now, I’m focusing on staying positive and enjoying that beautiful view out my back door as much as possible.

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