Love That Dirty Water

Dirty Water

Not too long ago, my favorite baseball team visited Boston for the first time in a while. It was a fun series to watch. As we watched our favorite major league players having fun, we could hear the siren call of that city. A lot of things come to mind when I think about Boston, one of them being that classic song, “Dirty Water”. If you don’t know the story, it’s a short read. And the song isn’t bad, even if a bit misdirected.

More Than A Feeling

Growing up, Boston became one of those far away places where great things happened. History happened. For many years, Boston was well out of reach for me. “Dirty Water” and a completely different group of musicians were my only real, emotional connection to it. Then, in 2017, I finally put feet down on those historic streets. Driving past Fenway Park, walking into the Old State House, climbing the Bunker Hill Monument. Magnificent places for magnificent memories.

The Water Is Not Dirty

While the visit to Boston was not without incident, it is one of the best of the “big cities” I have visited. I would have loved to have seen my Dodgers playing in Fenway, especially on this visit. It felt like half of each team had worn the other uniform. We only had about a day to enjoy. There is so much more of those hallowed streets to see. We’ll be back some day, I’m sure. And, despite the song I borrowed from for the introduction, I do not recall the Charles River appearing dirty. It’s just a song, at least these days.

About The Picture

We set sail out of Boston on a week-long cruise into Canada and down the St. Lawrence. I cannot think of a better way to start such a cruise. It was a beautiful day with endless sailboats drifting to and fro. Should you ever get the chance, get there and check it out for yourself.

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