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Genres I Photograph

A favorite model and I were catching up after a fun session the other day. While we chatted, I mentioned one of my recurring photography gigs that caused her to remark, “I didn’t know you shot that!” Very few people have worked with me as often, so I was caught off guard. The truth of the matter is that I often do not share the photographic genres that keeps Mark Gunter Photography moving.


From my work with DGS Games to Felicity Jewelry Designs, it is always a fun challenge. How do you capture the finer details of a small item? What can you do to reduce glare on reflective surfaces? These are just a couple of questions that come up with every job.


This planet we call home is a marvelous place full of amazing visuals. There were certain views that I never wanted to forget, so I learned to capture what my eyes see. Accomplishing that, my memories of those places stays sharper. My appreciation for new places seems more intense. To have favorites hanging on the wall is to remind myself how amazing life can be.


Birthdays, fashion shows, training seminars, and similar events have kept me hopping over the years. Usually a wall flower, hire me to capture the details of your event and you will see me working the room. I find comfort behind the camera. I enjoy capturing the moment without disrupting the proceedings. In keeping with a charge I was given several years ago, I become a protector of memories.

Head Shots

Whether for social media, websites, book covers, or model portfolios, the head shot is my primary source of business. When you want to put your best foot forward, it starts with a professional portrait. I love creating these images. There is so much life and story in the eyes. There are few things more rewarding than showing someone just how good they look to everyone else.

If you are looking for photographic services or a landscape for your office wall, I hope you will keep Mark Gunter Photography in mind. My work ranges multiple genres and I do my best to deliver professional quality across the board. I would be honored to be a small part of your event, business, or decor.

2 thoughts on “Genres: Photographs I Create

  1. I have worked on so many projects with Mark Gunter. We have had many adventures! We have never “not gotten the shot”. While we do focus on the goal of the shoot, we always have a blast! It is truly never a dull moment. There is never that weird and awkward silence. As a matter of fact, conversation is very fluid with this highly intelligent man. If you listen and pay attention, he is a great teacher. However, he is also very humble and willing to learn all that he can from everything and everyone that surrounds him. We have worked together in a variety of genres, and I have never been disappointed. We have had several publications working together, internationally and Stateside.For all of these reasons, and so many more, I would definitely recommend working with him! If you haven’t booked your appointment to shoot with him, stop robbing yourself of such an amazing experience! Pamper yourself to the magic of Mark’s photography!!!

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