Be Amazing With Justin Williams

Be Amazing Justin Williams

In the large scheme of things, I have not known today’s interview for all that long. In the relatively short amount of time we’ve known each other, we’ve had a lot of fun working together. Be Amazing Talent’s CEO, Justin Williams, has been incredibly supportive of my work as a photographer. He puts an amazing amount of energy into everything he does. If I have any misgivings, it is that I didn’t meet him sooner.

I could say so much more about Justin, but I think I’ll let him speak for himself!

Be Amazing’s Justin “The Artist” Williams talks with ABO

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On a personal note, Justin is one of the hardest working people I know. He is also one of the people that drives me to be my best. When he asked me to help him build starter portfolios for his new agency’s talent, I had no idea what the open floodgates would bring. There is a lot of room for growth and Justin appears to have the motivation and energy to make it happen. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

If you are considering getting into modeling and need some direction, Be Amazing can help. Of course, you can always ask me, too. I’m happy to help someone new get started. Sometimes, it only takes one click of the shutter to show you how fun it can be!


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