Thanksgiving 2021

Reflections in a pond for Thanksgiving

The photography business has been all but demolished by COVID. I have no idea what form it will take moving forward if it truly comes back at all. My motivation is dashed even though my creative desires are still running full speed. The work involved in just getting a a shoot set up wears on my souls. The pain of looking at my past work is tiring. There are simply too many beautiful faces, wonderful people, no longer walking this Earth. To be brutally honest, there are times I am simply ready to throw in the towel.

Enter Thanksgiving

Going into this week, my mindset was, in my opinion, perfect. Even with photography on the back burner in someone else’s kitchen, I am in the right place. My world is good. Work is great and seems to be improving daily. I have a wonderful home and a family who is happy to have me around.

Most of the time. Everyone gets tired of me after a while. Myself included.

For me, Thanksgiving is little more than just another day, but one that I know I won’t spend at the office. That is not to say I don’t observe Thanksgiving and it’s meaning. Rather, I make a practice of reminding myself every day how good I have it.

The Pros and Cons

Divorced. Almost died. Unemployed for a while. Just skimming the surface, I’ve had some serious valleys. Yet, somehow, I keep finding myself feeling like I have climbed the peaks. I have so much more to do and have been given the opportunity to do it.

Car paid off. An annual salary higher than ever. And, yes, I will be Selecting A New Camera soon. Actually, it is selected. I just need to pull the trigger on the purchase.

It is easy to get mired down in how bad things seem these days. But make no mistake. I understand how lucky I am and I am very thankful to be here today.

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  1. We’re very thankful you’re still around! My heart stopped when Annette called to tell us you were in the hospital. We love you lots n wish you the best of everything. Enjoy your day. Love Ya’ Mom n Dad

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