Redux Time: Model By Music

Throwback Thursday Redux

I can’t believe it has been twenty years since I created one of my favorite images. The photo included here is actually an outtake that I don’t believe I’ve ever shared. There were not many frames taken during this session with the model, Kate Elizabeth. By my count, there were fifty-three frames total with my favorite being in the first few shots. Perhaps it is time for a redux?

Original Vision

What you see above is close to the final image. A slightly different pose and some drumsticks in her hands made the winning image. I named it “Add Some Music” after a favorite Beach Boys tune which provided the inspiration. It is a song that speaks to me on several levels. The harmonies alone are enough to help me reset, changing a less-than-ideal mood into something better.

Why A Redux?

There is rarely an image I capture that I don’t feel can be better. The farther removed from clicking the shutter button, the more likely I am to see things to fix. Even with it’s flaws, I love this image. It fit the bill for me at the time and I (mostly) smile when I see it despite obvious mistakes. Music is a big part of my life and I could revisit this theme over and over again. Change a few elements, introduce a new model, and I’m a happy camper.

Step Into Her Socks

Would you like to help me revisit this “classic” image? There are a lot of ways we can make this sing your tune, so let’s talk! While I would love to do something mirroring this image (with a few “fixes”), what is your genre? Should we go heavy metal? Showtunes? Yacht rock? Toss on your favorite concert shirt, help me gather a few props, and let’s make it happen!

If you really want to do this image, head over to QuestionMark Photo and earn bonus points by telling me where you find the original image. Since you’re already there, check out the rest of my portfolio. If something there speaks to you, let’s make it yours! Pro tip: Sunrise is not quite as early these days.

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