MarkGunterAnything But Ordinary is a place to share thoughts on life and photography with a special emphasis on inspiring others to understand that they, too, are special. None of us are truly normal. We all have our own unique origins and struggles that have shaped us. We also have our own ways of dealing with a world that never seems quite right. Photography is one avenue I pursue to escape the siren’s call of a “normal life”, stifling my desire to create and be something more than I am today.

I battle everyday with the concept that I am just an ordinary guy. Part of my love for photography is helping other people recognize what I have trouble seeing in myself. When I am able to take a “normal girl” and capture her portrait in a way that makes her feel like the beautiful and amazing woman so many others see everyday, we both win.

Somewhere within each of us is a story. There is nothing quite like helping you tell your story in a photograph. As a photographer, I know I have done my job when you look at the finished product and feel Anything But Ordinary.

If you are interested in a photo session, please visit my websites. I do most of my work as Mark Gunter Photography, from high school senior pictures to product photography. If you are an aspiring model or are looking for something a bit more creative, be sure to look at QuestionMark Photography.

If you would like be a part of Anything But Ordinary as a contributing author, please feel free to contact me at