Model Keys To Success: Image Sharing

After many conversations with photographers, I have decided to write a series of posts called Model Keys To Success. These will comprise of basic advice that may be overlooked by newcomers to modeling or forgotten by those who have been absent for a while. I hope these reminders are good for everyone, including other photographers. The bottom line of this series:

Image Sharing

You need some drop-dead images to share. You find a great photographer to work with and create some portfolio-worthy photographs. The photographer sends you digital versions to share on social media. Awesome! Let’s head over to our favorite mobile app, crop it and add a filter to make this new pic look rad, and post it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and our Model Mayhem account! Oh, look! A private message from the photographer! I wonder if he wants to shoot again? Wait…why does he sound upset?

Listen. Photographers get it. You want to share the new photo and you want it to stand out. Taking the image they just sent you, cropping it, adding filters, or altering it in anyway is usually not just a bad idea. It is also a violation of your agreement; usually a signed, legal agreement; with the photographer. It is also a great way to alienate your greatest ally. No photographer wants to see their time and effort disrespected. Your creative efforts went into everything that led up to that image. What you might see as a fun take on a great image can come off as forcing your creative input onto the photographer’s work.

Krystal at SUnsetAsk For Social Media Images

Before working with a photographer, ask them how they will make sharing your new images simple and easy. When checking references, ask how quickly pictures were delivered and if properly-sized digital images were made available. Once a photograph is edited, it is a simple task to create a smaller, social media friendly version. If the photographer does not do this or is fine with letting you handle this task, this may be a red flag. Photographers rely on their images to attract future clients. It is in their best interests to make sure that anything you share is of the highest quality possible.

Every image you receive from me includes a social media version as part of the package. These images are properly resized so that they look sharp instead of blurry and the colors stay as true to the original as possible. I want you to look your best so that I look my best. It is a very simple equation.

Do you have suggestions or questions about modeling? Feel free to let me know in comments, send an email, or message me on one of my social media pages. If I do not have a solid answer, I will do my best to find someone who does and share it with you!