Motley Sundries and Miscellany

StepsOn some days, I have a clear, focused message or a story to tell. Today, it is all about the miscellany that floats around in ye olde grey matter. I will attempt to stay on point and look a bit inward at my photography business. Ponder with me and share your thoughts upon this pondering if you will.

  • Does my personality come through in my images? I think it is hard to say. I think I come off as professional in my demeanor, but do I? Is that who I am? Those who know me are all too aware of my sense of humor. I think that might show up on my personal Facebook page or my images on Instagram, but perhaps I am not tapping into it with my photographs.
  • Quite often, I am told that I am very well-respected in the model/photographer community. I also hear that I am often recommended. Yet, I often feel as though I am being avoided. I have directly reached out to models who never respond, even after multiple attempts. Is it something I said? Is there a problem with my approach? I am admittedly flummoxed given some of the long-term relationships I have built with both models and photographers over the years. Then again, this is nothing new and certainly not unique to photography.
  • What is my next project? Recently, most of what I have done is to help others achieve their goals. I have a few ideas simmering, but I have not yet latched on to my “Next Big Thing”. There are some past concepts that never came to fruition for a variety of reasons. Perhaps now is the time to reach out, find the talent I need, and make it happen.
  • My next big, scheduled photography event is another fruitful time at Shutterfest in April. If you are a photographer and St. Louis, Missouri is in range, you should attend this at least once just for the networking opportunity. If you are a model, it is a good chance to build your network as well. If you are not one for crazy crowds, bring a friend that can help you chill a bit…and then dive in head first. Here’s to seeing some friends from past conferences and making new ones. If you are going, let me know!

As I plan out future posts, I look forward to hearing your suggestions, comments, and questions. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you’re thinking.