In Search Of Hair/Makeup Artists

Makeup Artist

One thing a photographer needs to be living the dream is a Hair and Makeup Artist (or HMUA) to work with during sessions. I have had the great pleasure of working with a few over the past several years. Their services are invaluable and, even on the most basic of shoots, can have a huge impact. Today, I am once again on the search for quality, professional HMUAs. I need people willing to work with my clients, on future projects, and collectively cooked-up, creative chicanery.

The Basics

  • My humble home studio is on the far northwest side of Oklahoma City (technically Yukon’s Surrey Hills area) but I also enjoy shooting on location.
  • Terms are negotiable and I am ready to hear what would make a working relationship favorable for you.
  • I would love to find creative, trustworthy people with which to grow and have fun


  • Regular clients: This includes everyone from high school seniors, mothers, and business people to models, actors, and fashion designers.
  • Magazine submissions: I plan to get back into the submission game. Nothing helps a successful submission quite like a great model and a marvelous HMUA!
  • Creative chaos: No surprise here. When an idea crops up, it usually screams for a quality HMUA.

I welcome you to check out my websites, social media pages, etc (links at the top of the page). It is my hope that you enjoy my work and would like to be a part of it. I also encourage you to check references. I can provide names of models, HMUAs, photographers, etc, upon request.

If you are a hair and makeup artist and this in anyway piques your interest, please contact me and let’s begin a conversation. If you know someone who might be interested, please share this post!