The Days When I Just Want To Give Up

Don't Give Up - Just Throw in the TowelThe more work I put into my photography business, the more I hear those dreaded whispers in my head telling me to just give up. I look at everything I have tried to do to gain the attention of potential clients compared to how easily any progress is tossed aside. On most days, it seems a losing battle. I look for that proverbial towel so I can go ahead and throw the darn thing.

But I don’t.

I can’t.

Something deep inside of me pushes me forward through the despair. It is just being stubborn, although that is certainly a player in this game. As I look inward and really examine why, even in the worst of times, I just cannot set aside this dream of being a photographer, several gems float to the top.

  • I need a creative outlet. I have been a poet, a writer of prose, a painter of figurines, a musician, and, most recently, have tried my hand at drawing. While I enjoy all of these things, but none offer the depth of fulfillment I get with photography.
  • I need a social life. At heart, I am a hermit, but I love spending time with people, especially one-on-one. There is a magic in finding that common thread that allows you to know someone better. Even a quick, corporate head shot opens the door for meaningful conversations.
  • I need to give. Let’s be honest: I am not great at gift-giving. Photography puts a huge dent in that personality trait. Those moments when you show someone the beauty everyone else sees are priceless. It not only validates the subject. It also validates my value behind the camera. Like a true gift-giver, the joy comes in the giving.
  • I am competitive. It is not about beating someone else. I just want to be better today than I was yesterday. For someone who is their own worst critic, that can often be a tough challenge. There is always room for improvement. This can be a very positive trait but it can also be a self-destructive if not moderated.
  • I do not like to disappoint. I have invested a lot of time and effort not just in my craft, but in relationships and networking. Too many people have shown an appreciation for my work. Too many have invested their own time and effort in my photography to fold. There are certainly too many people who will eventually call on me in the future to give up now.

Ultimately, I have been offered a gift that I can share with the world in a variety of ways. When I take a hard, honest look at what I have accomplished in the last six months alone, I feel I can be proud. At issue is carrying that gift and the success I have had forward to bigger and better things.I hope you’ll join me for the ride.