Monthly archives: August, 2016

Reflection on Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp

I recently wrote about participating in the inaugural Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp. Separated by a couple of weeks and a lot of activity, I think now is an appropriate time for reflection.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I am constantly finding myself at gatherings where I am confronted with the dreaded, “Tell us something no one here knows about you,” ice breaker conversation. It becomes harder and harder to think of something new, usually because I am meeting with the same people over and over again. But you, dear reader, probably do…

Divorcing Doubt

You wake up knowing you need to do something specific. It is of utmost importance. Top of mind. Essential. You tackle your day like a boss. After a fulfilling day, as you drift off to sleep, you realize that…

Working For Free Is Not Free

As a photographer, I am often asked if I will work for free. This amazing offer is often disguised as an opportunity for exposure. Sometimes, it is phrased as a unique opportunity. It is almost always something for which the photographer should be paid regardless.

Am I suggesting that a photographer should never work for free?…

Trust, But Verify

I recently autographed one of the largest photographic prints I have ever sold. The client took great care to select just the right image and size and wanted it signed. As with all of my clients, I wanted to make sure she was happy with the end result.

Negative to Positive

I am very critical when it comes to examining myself, my work, and my processes. I mean that in two ways: 1) I analyze why I do things a certain way and reorganize accordingly and, 2) I continuously catch myself thinking negatively when it comes to my own work rather than focusing on the positive….


The other day, I learned that a recent photograph of a turkey scuffle I took was published in Outdoor Oklahoma. It was one of several images I had taken specifically…

Rage in the Rain – Krystal Willis

Meet model and actress Krystal Willis. I was introduced to her several years ago and have had the pleasure of working with her many times since. She is simply a lot of fun…

Viva Oklahoma!

This past weekend, I visited the Viva Oklahoma Hispanic Chamber Expo at the state fairgrounds. The Greater Oklahoma City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce put on a good show.